The Cornish Rex, as presented by the CFA Breed Council

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    Cornish Rex Breed Council Meetings are held at the CFA Annual in June each year and at the CFA International Show each year. All are welcome to attend, as long as the Breed Council Secretary is notified, and non-Breed Council members are not disruptive, do not participate in open forums, and utilize the experience as a learning one.

    Breed booklets are handed out at the Annual meeting to members only. Breed Council members that are unable to attend the Annual meeting will receive an electronic copy of the breed book. Anyone that does not have access to email will be sent a hard copy of the booklet via mail.

    The agenda for the Annual meeting includes the Breed Council Secretary update (treasury report, recap of the year, etc), and the Breed awards (Top 10 in each category) for the previous show season. The agenda at the International meeting varies according to topics that Breed Council members feel need to be discussed.

    For more information on Cornish Rex Breed Council meetings, when and where they will occur, what will be discussed, and to sign up to attend them, please contact the Cornish Rex Breed Council Secretary.

    Thanks and see you there!

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