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    • Breed Council Meeting - June 2007

    Cornish Rex Breed Council - Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas

    Minutes from the Cornish Rex Breed Council Meeting held in Austin, TX June 30, 2007.

    Call to order by Sharon McKenzie - 3pm

    Breed Council members present: Donna Kimber, Pat Kelty, Elizabeth Rymph, Bill & Nancy Gott, Mark & Sharon McKenzie, Marge Collier, Mike & Trish Blees, Kathy Constantino, Charlene Bennett, Dee Dee Cantley, David White, Russell Webb

    Encouraged participation in raffle of items generously donated by attendees. 20 plus items available. Thanks to those who suggested the raffle as a means of offsetting awards and booklets presented. Thanks to Elizabeth Rymph for setting up the raffle around the meeting room. David White reported $220 taken in.

    Agenda items

    Summarized CRex show data for the 06/07 season. 401 Crex shown, 88 grands, 15 RW, 1 NW and 2 female DMs. Region 7 had the most shown (86). Of international interest, Japan had 4 CRex shown (a decrease from 15 the previous season) and the International Division had 11 (same as the previous season).

    Recounted important issues brought up at the BCS/BOD meeting preceding the BC meetings. Especially increasing registrations of individual kittens. Number of litters registered (with number of live births) vs individual kitten registrations. CRex breed is only running at about 50% (1179 kittens born and only 549 individuals registered in 2006). NEEDS IMPROVEMENT.

    One way is to prepay individual registrations at time of litter registration. Makes things easier and thus more likely for clients to register their pets. Costs to breeder per cat is minimal especially if advantage is taken of "early bird" discounts.

    Also discussed at the BCS/BOD meeting were issues related to attracting and retaining new breeders. Being pleasant to all parties is the starting point. Never know who might be a potential asset to the fancy. Making an effort to mentor or refer for mentorship interested individuals to enhance the likelihood of attracting devoted individuals.

    Upon discussion, Dee Dee Cantly mentioned that bringing a well tempered cat for exhibition only to shows is an excellent way of providing a handlable cat (without concern for "mussing up show grooming of those in competition). An ambassador cat, so to speak. Perhaps clubs could be contacted to provide free or low costs entry for such ambassador cats.

    Motion from the floor to institute a voluntary $5 per attendee refreshment "tea" fee for attendees of future BC meetings. Discussion. Motion tabled.

    Advisory suggestion by William Gott to include a color description for lynx point. So noted and the BCS requested a proposal be written by interested parties for submission to the Board. Reminded that Aug 1st is the deadline for submission of such items.

    David White, treasury report.

    Beginning balance (November 2006) 2215.70
    December income
        Misc donations 175.002390.70
    December expenses
        Electricity for International Breed Booth125.002265.70
    January 2007 Balance 2265.70
    June expenses
        Rosettes for 2007 Annual 123.302142.40
        Shipping of breed booth for international 134.002008.40
    July 2007 Balance 2008.40
    (-) 207.30

    Micheal Blees, Specialty Show report

    August, 2008 Midwest TGIF club show in StL selected based upon offer made by club president. Michael to verify the specific monetary incentive from the club. $5 breed discount and/or $5 donated to BC for each CRex entry??

    TGIF offered to increase from one day, 6 ring to 2 day, 8 ring format to accommodate the needs of the CRex BC. Option opened by the club for the BC to offer suggestions for the other 2 judges to be contracted by the club. Suggestions as follows from the floor of the BC meeting: Rachel Anger, Nancy Dodds, David Mare, Gary Veach, Rick Hoskinson, Doug Meyers, Diana Rothermel, Marge Collier. TGIF club president, Beth Cassely to make final determination. Options currently limited to AB licensed judges since club indicated format will be 8 AB for kittens & premiers (6/2 for CH).

    TGIF will allow for Sunday only CRex BC raffle as TGIF has own raffle. Several suggestions from the floor regarding: open raffle, silent auction, raffle "regular" items / silent auction "special" items. More discussion required before finalize. Elizabeth Rymph agreed to organize the raffle.

    TGIF show does have a separate room available exclusively for CRex BC to have pot luck lunches/meeting.

    Sharon McKenzie asked breeders "local" to the show for additional help. Not specified. Further discussion required.

    Congratulations offered by Sharon McKenzie to all the winners for 06/07 and offered commentary for a job well done by ALL CRex exhibitors for the season just ended..

    Awards presentation by Sharon McKenzie

    Meeting adjourned 4:20pm.

    Minutes respectfully submitted,
    Mark McKenzie

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