The Cornish Rex, as presented by the CFA Breed Council

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    • Breed Council Meeting - June 2006

    Cornish Rex Breed Council - Annual Meeting in Reno, Nevada

    Minutes of the meeting held June 17th, 2006

    The meeting was called to order at approximately 12:02pm

    Members Present:

    Marge Collier, Dee Dee Cantley, William Gott, Nancy Gott, Kathy Constantino, Charlene Smith, Pat Kelty, Donna Kimber, David White, Kevin Richardson, Phillip Pearson, Rachel Anger, Bonnie James, Elizabeth Rymph,

    Guest Members Present:

    Elizabeth Koler, Karen Wilkings, two others that I could not recall names

    Treasurerís Report

    Breed Council Treasury report was given on the CR Breed Council Bank Account.

    Beginning Balance: $1956.57


         Raffle at the 2006 Annual $310

         Breed book donation $10
    Total Deposits $320

    Balance $2,276.57


         ADR Enterprises Inc - Rosettes for Annual: $134.27

    Ending Balance: $2,142.30

    Breed Council Secretary Update/ Show Year recap:

    • 193 Cats were shown in Championship class in 2005-2006
    • 136 Kittens shown in 2005-2006
    • 76 Premiers shown in 2005-2006
    • Region 7 exhibited the highest number of Cornish for the show year (81 Adults/kittens/Premiers)
    • Region 6 had the 2nd highest number of Cornish shown for the year (74 adults/kittens/Premiers)
    • There were 92 Cornish Grands in 2005-2006
    • 9 Cats reached DM status this past season
    • There were 17 Regional Winners in 2005-2006

    Congratulations to all the Winners, Owners, exhibitors for showing this past season!

    Important Dates:

    Standard Changes must be submitted to me by August 15th. Several people had talked about changing the standard for eye color. I was told that I would have something shortly after the International. I just need an ideal of what you are looking to accomplish and then I can put it the format that is needed to submit the proposal to CFA. If you feel strongly about this as several members have indicated, please give me a rough draft of what you want.

    Breed Council Membership Renewal deadline is August 1st. As you know this is an election year. If you want to vote and participate on any standard changes you must renew your membership by August 1st.

    Breed Council Secretary Declarations must be submitted by August 1st. If you want to run for BCS you must submit in writing to CFA by the August 1st deadline. We did have two members that have indicated their intentions for candidacy (Charlene Smith and Sharon McKenzie). Charlene Smith did address the group and stated her reasons for running and what we can all expect if she were elected Breed Council Secretary. Sharon unfortunately was unable to attend this year, but did send a note to the yahoo group list on candidacy. Both members have indicated that they would like me to continue in the role as treasury for the Breed Council Fund that has been established. There are currently two names on the account, in the event of any unforeseen incident. Currently the account is with PNC Bank in Parsipanny, New Jersey. The account name is Cornish Rex Breed Council. The two listed names on the account are David White and Russell Webb.

    The International Show is fast approaching. The date for the show is November 17th -19th . The location is same as last year, San Mateo, California. The judges are Adkison, Angell, Anger, Everett-Hirsch, Harding, Hutzler, Mare, Newkirk, Rothermel, Sumner, Travathan, Watson. Lets have a big turn out like we have had in past years!

    Awards were given to the top 10 in each class- Booklet has been posted to the group list and can be found under "files" (BCAwardbookletfile-2006) . For the members that were not present and awards were not picked up by someone. I will be mailing the awards to you within the next week. Additionally Breed Council Members that do not have on-line capabilities will be sent a copy of the Award booklet.

    Dee Dee Cantley purchased items and held a raffle at the end of the meeting. There were several items such as cat beds, cat carrier, Cornish rex picture just to name a few. Thanks to Dee Dee the raffle $310 for the Breed Council Fund. Itís efforts like this that ensure the continuation of the BC fund and to continuation of rewarding the breeders and owners at the annual. Thanks again Dee-Dee for your generous contributions to the breed!! Great Work!!

    Once again pictures were taken and have been posted to the yahoo group. They can be found under the photo link Ö.2006 Annual

    Meeting was adjourned at 1:02 pm.

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