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    • Breed Council Meeting - June 2004

    Cornish Rex Breed Council - Annual Meeting in Orlando, Fl
    Minutes of the meeting from June 26, 2004

    The meeting was called to order at approximately 1:00pm

    Members Present: Marge Collier, Jaynie Clark, Norma Berke, Dee Dee Cantley, William Gott, Nancy Gott, Carolyn Kier, Deb Janiak, Rick Hoskinson, Sandra Nabeta, Bev O'Neill, Kathy Constantino, Linda Jewell, Charlene Smith, Ann Swedlund, Pat Kelty, Donna Kimber, Russell Webb, David White

    Guest Members Present: Loretta Baugh, Tom Baugh, Phillip Pearson

    Treasurer Report Breed Council Treasury report was given on the CR Breed Council Bank Account.

    Beginning Balance: $ 436.01

    Deposits: Donations:RBU (April '04) $175, Ray Knudson (April '04) $100, Alan & Diane Straka (April '04) $ 25, Dee Dee Cantley (May '04) $ 80


    Total Deposits $380 $816.01

    Payables: ADR Enterprises Inc, Rosettes for Annual and MO-KAN Specialty Show (Includes 2% discount for early payment) $122.63

    Ending Balance: $693.38

    Special Notes:

    -Since this account is setup as a non profit account, it is a non-interest bearing account; additionally we will not be charged monthly fees or have to maintain a minimum balance.

    - The donation made by RBU in April was given as a means to provide awards for the Specialty show in August (awards for top 3 in each class, trophy/plaque + rosettes), monies were also provided to give the MO-KAN committee (Joanne Moehlman) to help with decorations etc.

    David White
    Cornish Rex BC Secretary

    New Business

    Judges Workshop - I am pleased to inform the Breed Council that the 2004-Judges Workshop was a huge success. The feedback from judges was that it was the best workshop in CFA history of the workshops. This was excellent breed awareness for the Cornish, Devon and Sphynx. I feel that it did give the breed a little more awareness among judges that struggled with the breed. The Anita White drawings were used to illustrate ears, profile, head type. We also had a handout that included all the drawings to judges. The entire presentation will be given to Central office to be given out to Judges, and will be used to train new judges that join the program. This exercise was great for the breed and I feel will go a long way in helping us move forward. Again, if you have not had a chance to see the presentation, it is available on the Cornish Rex Yahoo list.

    Details of the Mo-Kan Specialty Show was discussed; everyone indicated that they were planning on coming or planned donating items for the raffle table if they were unable to attend.

    Nancy Gott handed out samples of a product called BPX. This product is a antiviral-bacterial and anti-fungal lanolin based product that provides a barrier from all skin infections. Can be used to treat and pre-treat your cat from all types of skin infections. Smells really great too! If you have additional questions please contact Nancy Gott at 619.479.6807

    Dee Dee Cantley purchased items and held a silent auction. There were several Cornish Rex items such as metal signs that read If it isn't a Cornish Rex, It's just a Cat! There were hats that read. I love Cornish Rex, and few other items for auction. Thanks to Dee Dee the silent auction raised $170 for next years Rosette Fund. Great Work!!

    2004 Breed Council Meeting with the CFA Board Members

    A few topics that are worth mentioning that were discussed at this meeting were:

    Since the CFA Yearbook will be listing the top ten breed awards, should CFA recognize these cats officially with an award?

    CFA will look into providing the Breed Secretary with official CFA certificates for all 3 classes. These certificates will be given out during the annual BC award meeting. CFA will provide the Breed Council Secretary more information as it becomes available.

    What is the best way to provide breed councils a forum to discuss standards and breed issues with judges without having to wait for scheduled judging schools or educational seminars that are breed specific?

    A poll will be taken of the top 2 concerns of each breed. A poll will be also taken from Judges of their top 2 concerns of what they are seeing in the rings. The purpose is that there is a two way communication among judges and Breed Council members. These concerns will be collected by BC Secretaries and sent to JoAnne Cummings. The focus of this is to bring breed awareness concerns or areas of a standard that needs further explanation (interpretation issues). There was no timeframe discussed. Please start to think of your top issues/concerns.

    Open Forum:

    Once again the topic of changing the standard regarding to tail faults. A few BC members wanted to change the standard to read visible tail kink. The rational for this was that many judges are over examining the tail, some cats have a nervous kink. Some breeders want some verbiage added to the standard to allow for this, so these cats could be shown. The majority of people present did not agree with this. My suggestion is that if you feel strongly about this you will need to submit a proposal and rational. When the time comes this will be sent to all breed council members to be voted on. This holds true for any other change you feel strongly about. You have until December to submit your proposal to me. It will then be sent to all BC members to be voted on.

    Awards were given to the top 10 in each class. Miscellaneous Items: Special thanks for donations from Rick Hoskinson, Deb Janiak, Ann Swedlund, Norma Berke. Meeting was adjourned at 2:00 pm.

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