2006-2007 Kitten Class
Best 0904-1577846   RW Whiteweb's Dantes Peak 15th BEST KITTEN North Atlantic (1)
  1864.05 pts   Odd-Eyed White   
  Region 1   Breeder David White-R. Webb-C. McGee  
      Owner David White-Russell Webb  
2nd 0995-1556010  GC, GP, RW Makin'Waves Amasa of Tender Claws 3rd BEST of BREED GLOBAL                                
1261.35 pts Tortie-White 2nd BEST of COLOR CLASS GLOBAL  
Region 4 Breeder  Diane Maki 10th BEST CAT Great Lakes (4)
Owner Donna Kimber BEST of BREED Great Lakes (4)   
          BEST of COLOR CLASS Great Lakes (4) 
3rd 0935-1570566 GP Kikapoo 2 Damoon Alice  
1111.55 pts Black Smoke  
Region 5 Breeder Pearson-Richardson-Cantley  
      Owner Debbie-Marty Brown  
4th 0949-1575267 GC INRxS Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds 2nd BEST of BREED Midwest (6)           
1047.8 pts Calico BEST of COLOR CLASS Midwest (6)
Region 6 Breeder  Mark & Sharon McKenzie  
      Owner Mark & Sharon McKenzie  
5th 0903-1565652 CH Beaconwood My Brother's Keeper  
924.8 pts Gold-Eyed White  
Region 5 Breeder Marilyn Martin  
      Owner Nancy Dodds-Mette Mjanger  
6th 0981-1564773 GC Yodado Aquila of Nianguaview 2nd BEST of  COLOR CLASS Midwest (6) 
885.05 pts Van Chocolate & White  
Region 6 Breeder  Yolanta Dohrmann  
      Owner Joanne-Jerry Moehlman  
7th 0995-1569323 GC Rexdancer's Dark Harbor  
775.4 pts Tortie-White  
Region 6 Breeder Kathy Constantino  
      Owner Kathy Constantino  
8th 0960-1578053 GP Rex 'n Ready To Deploy  
675.4 pts Black Smoke-White  
Region 5 Breeder  Paula Jones  
      Owner Isabel-Pat Pomphrey  
9th 0980-1575242 GC Fenway Diamond Jim of Minghou 2nd BEST of COLOR CLASS North Atlantic (1)
667.4 pts Black & White Van  
Region 1 Breeder  Nancy Dodds  
      Owner Pat Muise-Marilyn Martin  
10th 0961-1593676 Whiteweb Octavia  
651.4 pts Blue-White  
Region 1 Breeder  David White-R. Webb-C. McGee  
      Owner David White-Russell Webb